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[AP] conferencia de JUAN HERREROS

Conferencia de Juan Herreros
Conferencia de Juan Herreros, dentro del ciclo 'Lecture Series 2006_07' del instituto de arquietctura avanzada de Catalunya.
Auditorio del Instituto de Arquitectura Avanzada de Catalunya. C/ Pujades, 102
Viernes, 18 de Mayo de 2007

Instituto de Arquitectura Avanzada de Barcelona: [http://www.iaac.net/]


Juan Herreros is Head Professor and Director of H Teaching Project Unit of Architecture School of Madrid. Besides, he has been teaching in Columbia University of New York, EPFL Lausanne, London Architectural Association, SOA-Princeton and IIT-Chicago. Herreros has given many international conferences, courses and seminars, and research workshops which has been the output of the following publications: “Caducidad, Educación y Energía: Sobre el PTb de Cedric Price”, “Isla Ciudad” and “Palacios de la diversión”. In 1984 he founded with Iñaki Ábalos the Abalos&Herreros studio (www.abalos-herreros.com) dedicated to the profressional practice, and in 1992 the Liga Multimedia Internacional. Together they published in 1987 Le Corbusier: Rascacielos and in 1992 Técnica y Arquitectura en la Ciudad Contemporánea (Tower&Office, 2003). At present he prepares a bilingual critic edition about the texts of Cedric Price and a publication about Energy and Architecture through the new questions in our days about the idea of recycling the figure of the architect and his project techniques.




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