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[AP] NODE '08 / Forum for Digitals Arts

NODE '08 / Forum for Digitals Arts

Node08 (part of the Luminale light art festival), held in Frankfurt in April 2008, will be dedicated to range of digital art works built using the video synthesis toolkit VVVV. Expect to experience all kinds of digital exotica - from controlled lighting systems to data visualisations, 3d video projections to interactive synaesthetic artworks and lush VJ systems. There will be many workshops ranging from beginner entrées to advanced classes on shader programming and typographic control. There will also be talks and presentations from the main development crew of the software as well as other media artists and academics giving overviews of their related work – For a full program of events click on this link. I will give a presentation of my audio responsive video feedback work – it should be an exciting opportunity to meet up with the 4V community - this being the first event of its kind to celebrate works done with this software which has recently seen a rapidly expanding user base.

If you work with VVVV you might be interested in this call for artworks to be shown in the main NODE08 exhibition Hall, the Diakoniekirche during the festival. An informal jury will select the pieces for the screening.


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