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The Impact of Large Scale Integrated Displays on Architecture and Urbanism

El dsarrollo de la nuevas tecnologias ha impactado no solo el sistema de notacion URBANA (cosa de recordar los software como googleearth o live earth), sino que a un tipo de arquitectura de la informacion que despla la tecnologia sobre la concepcion de diferntes tipos de estructura socio-cultural, por ejemplo la implicacion de las tecnologias da cuenta de un tipo de URBANISMO OPTICO, una manera de dar cuenta de materialismo social que dentro de las definiciones de espacios publicos se situan sobre las condiones de integracion y produccion de identidad de masas, sobre las conceptualizacion de la multitud, y sobre la integracion de las mismas estructuras de la obra de arquitectura que tienden a configurarse como "servorganismos", qu finalmente se diriguen a una lectura de lo ambiental y sustentable no en terminos medioambientales sino que operativos, es decir un tipo de tectonica que re-plantee ya no solo ladefinicion tecnica sino que la integracion de un desarrollo urbano renovable, y el acto de constrccion como una trascendencia de persusiva de las practicas tecno-sociales desde los nuevos escenarios de encuentro publico.


Media Architecture Conference 2007

On 11th and 12th September Media Architecture 2007 will take place at Central Saint Martins Innovation in central London. Organised by Media Architecture Group in Vienna, the conference will bring together international speakers from the architecture, planning and media communities for the first time to address the increasing integration of new display technologies for building construction. The huge impact of this development for building design and the urban environment will be explored from both theoretical and practical implementation perspectives by leaders in the field. The conference takes place at the same and is co-organised with PLASA, the international lighting exhibition at Earls Court, London.

Speakers & curators include:
Joachim Sauter, Bart Lootsma, Ludger Hovestadt, Realities United, Andrew Shoben, Kari Jormakka, David Cunningham, Mark Dorrian, Hermann Eisenköck, Patricia Austin, Tim Pritlove, Peter Cornwell, Kathrin Kur, Andreas Rumpfhuber, Oliver Schürer, Mirjam Struppek, Jim Thrower, Gernot Tscherteu

Developments in display technology and building materials are leading to new forms of hybrid architecture that break away from existing conceptions of surface, structure, lighting and moving imagery. Light Emitting Diode (LED) displays integrated with the fabric of built structures allow prominent imagery to be integrated with the façade, even in direct sunlight. Although energy requirements are practical only when displays are used in less bright conditions, there remain significant consequences for the townscape and urban environment; cinematic topias as pervasive as Minority Report and Blade Runner have become technically feasible.

The MediaArchitecture2007 conference creates a new discourse among the latest theoretical and practical approaches. By reviewing outstanding projects and presenting the views of key architectural theorists, media activists, planners, advertisers and artists, the conference will provide the first-depth consideration of the intersection of media and architecture - the premise that architecture and media issues will increasingly be considered together, at the conceptual stages of building planning. Image has become an architectural element; media increasingly pervade the built environment introducing an important ontological element.

Altering the architectural relationship between image and structure has several significant implications – not only for visual encounter with the completed building, but in terms of planning and construction processes. The emergence of intelligent construction materials, which themselves incorporate display and data components, departs markedly from existing façade implementations in which lighting and display products have been applied in building projects where the underlying architecture is already advanced. The media façade becomes a data system to be specified and commissioned with the expectation of lifetime and maintenance commensurate with other structural elements. Content – the data and imagery that it will carry during that lifetime - is very different from both the rectangular clip material now common on LED billboards and from programmed lighting effects.

MediaArchitecture2007 will address these inversions in several respects:
– the impact on architectural theory of practical media façade systems – departure of imagery from the confines of the clip towards dynamic creative based on building management and external information – the practical challenges of large scale displays for urban planning; display viewing design in public spaces – sustainable display and image data systems that can be specified directly by architects and installed by the construction industry and which are maintainable over the lifetime of a media façade

The conference will be formed of four panels with leading speakers invited from the academic community as well as major
architectural practices and corporations providing and installing these new technologies


Panel 1: New Technologies and New Materials / Oliver Schürer
Panel 2: Media Urbanism / Mirjam Struppek
Panel 3 - Media Architecture / Peter Cornwell
Panel 4: Image/Architecture / Kathrin Kur


Tue 11-09-07

11.00 - 13.30 Registration, refreshments

13.30 - 14.00 Official Introduction/Welcome

14.00 - 16.15 New materials/New technolgies

Host: Oliver Schuerer

Ludger Hovestadt


Hermann Eisenköck

Roger van der Heide, Arup: Galleria building (Seoul) project presentation

16.45 - 19.00 Urban Media

Host: Mirjam Struppek

Jochachim Sauter: New media in public space

Malcolm McCullough

Andrew Shoben

Michael Batz: Planning and lighting concepts

Wed 12-09-07
10.00 - 12.15 Architectural Theory

Host: Peter Cornwell

Kari Jormakka

Bart Lootsma

David Cunningham

Tim Edler/Realities United

12.15 -14.15 Lunch
14.15 - 16.30 Image/Architecture
Host: Kathrin Kur

Mark Dorrian: "Images in Space-- Google Earth"

Tim Pritlove

Labau: MetaDeSIGN

16.30 - 17.30 Final session/discussion


It is free

Central Saint Martins Innovation in central London 11th and 12th September
Organised by Media Architecture Group in Vienna


Jose Llano
Arquitecto & Coreografo del Deseo
editor aparienciapublica

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