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[AP] PORT-CITY / aMAZE cultural lab

GOING PUBLIC / special edition for PORT-CITY
September / December 2007

A project by: MAST [Museo di Arte Sociale e Territoriale]
Artistic direction: Claudia Zanfi

Going Public, the on-going project on mobility, migration, memory, borders and new geographies develops over Autumn 2007 a series of activities and appointments for reflection and research: urban interventions, workshops, films, debates, cultural exchanges and publications related to

On mobility and exchange
15th Sept - 11th Nov 2007
event at Arnolfini Art Center, Bristol (UK)

- Floating Symmetry, video and wallpaper by Ofri Cnaani+Jenny Vogel (Israeli/NYC)
- Flag for Democracy, sitespecific installation by Grzegorz Klaman (Gdansk)
- Vendors, panels by Maria Magdalena Campos Pons (Cuba)
- Sweeetness, new installation by Meschac Gaba (Benin)

- PORT AMPs by Zafos Xagoraris, 2007, Sound installation live @ Istanbul Biennial, 8th September ’07, Antrepo Area; Athens Biennial, 10th September ’07, Pireus; Bristol Harbour, 14th September ’07, Arnolfini Docks

On Public Sphere & Public Library
November / December 2007

aMAZE Lab ( is a non-profit cultural lab which works for the diffusion and knowledge of contemporary culture. It deals especially in visual arts, new cultures and new languages. Founded in 2001 by Claudia Zanfi and Gianmaria Conti, its members and representatives include museum directors, journalists, students, researchers and university lecturers. Among its activities are: publications of monographic books on figures of the 1970s who have influenced contemporary tastes and poetics (Cloti Ricciardi, Franco Vaccari. Al Hansen, Bill Owens); the promotion of projects and events relating to subjects founded on social-territorial research; the organization of meetings, projections and debates on the theme of cultural interchange and micro-geographies. AMAZE lab has created exchanges and projects, for the first time in Italy, about: Irakian artists A thicket to Baghdad; Bulgarian artists The Plovdiv/Sofia International Biennal; with artists and geographers from Israeli Maps, confins and new geografies; with artists and writers from East Europe From Balkans to the Baltic; with cypriot artists Cyprus Day. In 2001 it has founded MAST “Museo di Arte Sociale e Territoriale”. It has created and direct the socil-political public art project GOING PUBLIC during the Festival of Philosophy, with international artists, architects and sociologists. Going Public it’s an experimental territorial lab, with researches on subjects of great contemporary relevance (mobility, borders, new geographies, the new EU, future political-social formats, etc. …). In 2002 aMAZElab has created the GREEN ISLAND project, on the concept of ecology and urban green space in cities, in Milano, Stazione Garibaldi/ Isola neighborugh.


Jose Llano
Arquitecto, Diseñador de Delitos & Coreografo del Deseo
editor aparienciapublica
AMERICA has a rest, where you want to be

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