martes, octubre 23, 2007

[AP] The Architectural Association's lectures / LONDON

The Architectural Association's lectures

Los espacios son multiples y las formas de construir nuestra cotidianidad tambien. Londres, Paris y Talca es un ejercicio necesario... la serie de lecturas y charlas de AA, es uno de estos recursos.

23 de Octubre

Nicolas Bourriaud
The Show is not the Medium

Nicolas Bourriaud has been one of the most influential curators and art-critics of the past decade. Author of Relational Aesthetics and co-founder of Palais de Tokyo, Paris, Bourriaud will discuss his more recent existence as an independent, itinerant curator, against the backdrop of contemporary exhibitions in an age of super-shows and mega-biennales.

24 de Octubre

Radim Pesko and James Goggin
Forms of Inquiry Talk

Forms of Inquiry contributors Radim Pesko and James Goggin will be in conversation with curator Zak Kyes about their recent projects such as the Sol typeface, based on Sol LeWitt’s ‘122 Variations on Incompleted Open Cubes’; Untitled, a mechanical flip-disc signage system and their ‘inquiries’ shown in the exhibition currently on show in the AA Gallery and the Front Members' Room.

26 de Octubre

Mark Cousins
Open Lecture Series

This lecture course takes up the issue of the Nothing and the way it plays a productive role in different arenas of culture. It will consider the issues of negation in terms of propositions and the relation of negation to what the series will analyse as negative objects and negative spaces. It will then consider issues of nowhere, of nobody and of never.

26 de Octubre

Paul Elliman
Voices Falling Through the Air

Paul Elliman will talk about voice, language and technology as forms of audio signage, and the use of recorded and programmed announcements for both public and private space, as a kind of typography of the air.

30 de Octubre

Hal Foster
Chat Rooms, Archival Spaces & Other Conundra in Contemporary Art

Co-editor of October journal and critic Hal Foster will discuss some key themes and preoccupations found in recent ‘relational’ and ‘post-relational’ art practices. This lecture will follow on, in part, from the preceding week’s, by curator Nicholas Bourriaud.

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