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306090: On Models
Emily Abruzzo, James Buckhouse, D. Graham Burnett, Eric Ellingsen, John Nastasi, and Jonathan Solomon
Thursday, February 7
7:00 p.m.
The Urban Center
457 Madison Avenue

On Models is an opportunity to reflect on the increasing use of models developed for disciplines not traditionally associated with the field of architecture in the design, making, and study of architecture. At the same time architects are employing these models in increasingly rigorous ways, they are transforming the role of the models from appropriated images to adopted processes, complicating the fields of contemporary art, architecture, and research in wonderful ways.

On Models will ask: How do these shifts fit into the development of new technologies in modeling, both in contemporary and historical terms? How do the changing attitudes towards physical models affect changing attitudes towards theoretical models? How do models bridge gaps between disciplines? Who and what are our role models and how does design in a post-post Modern era acknowledge this kind of sharing, borrowing, inspiration, and blurring of boundaries? On Models will bring 306090 issue editors Emily Abruzzo, Jonathan Solomon, and Eric Ellingsen together with issue contributors artist James Buckhouse, historian of science at Princeton D. Graham Burnett, and architect and educator John Nastasi.


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